What is Bullying? - A Definition of Bullying

Having consulted with the parents, staff and children, it has been decided that bullying can be described as a deliberate action or actions in order to hurt or upset someone.
Bullying may hurt someone physically or it may hurt their feelings. Bullying is continued, repeated and personal, rather than one off acts of aggression.

What do I do if I suspect my child is being bullied?

  1. If you suspect that your child is being bullied please speak to someone at school immediately.
  2. All staff will be able to help you so do not think that you are bothering anyone or being a nuisance.
  3. The best person to speak to is your child’s class teacher.
  4. You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously.

We will help. We will listen.

Our Anti-Bullying Leader Mrs. Farrell, (Inclusion Lead, Senior Leader and Nursery Team Leader), has written this Anti-Bullying document to help you.