Supporting your child's health is important and in this section we outline how Medical Assessments are undertaken and how other general health issues for the children are managed, such as how we deal with situations if your child falls ill during school time and how we cater for children with special medical needs.

We have a school nurse available to us who will carry out a medical assessment during the children's first year at school to which parents are invited to attend. Eye tests and hearing tests are also carried out as part of the Reception Screening, but these do not require parents' attendance. We ask parents to be vigilant with regard to head lice as it is no longer the responsibility of the school nurse or staff. Lice and nits are a problem at all schools. Information about this issue is available from school, doctors, health centres and pharmacists. Parents are requested to inform the school if their child appears to have head lice, so that reminders may be sent to all parents asking them to check frequently and treat if necessary.

If a child becomes unwell in school or is injured, parents are contacted. It is essential that the school has up-to-date details so that we can easily contact you or another named carer. If, however, parents cannot be reached the child will be cared for in school. External medical help will be obtained if necessary.

Should a child need medication during the day our school policy allows staff to administer prescribed medicines and some over the counter medication such as Calpol but for a 48 hour period only. The exception to this is antihistamines which can be given for hayfever only. Parents will be asked to complete some paperwork detailing clear instructions regarding the administering of the medicines. Asthma inhalers however can be kept in school if required during the day.  Please contact the school office for more information. In exceptional circumstances medicines are required on a daily basis over long periods and providing these are prescribed by a doctor then this will be administered by the office staff.

Children may go to the toilet as they need, although all children are encouraged to go to the toilet at break times. If mishaps occur, there are some clean clothes available and staff will help to clean and comfort as necessary. However, we would normally prefer to contact a parent, who would then be able to help their own child.